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We invite you to take part in our childbirth classes designed to verify
your knowledge on childbirth, postpartum as well as nursing and care for
newborn baby. We not only pass on to you information concerning rules and
conditions of our obstetrics wards but also try to deepen your intimate
relationship with your body and baby inside your womb. We’ll help you to
prepare for an active childbirth that flows with individual body rythm.
As much as we strongly believe in the power of natural birth
and parenthood we also do realize that they sometimes need to be supported
with medical tools and practises. Together with our participants we’ ll
consider how to accept childbirth situations that go far beyond our
expectations. Moreover, we share our experience of assisting women giving
birth at hospitals, birth centres and homes.

We do believe that thanks to the classes our participants do feel safer
when approaching the new experience of child birth and parenthood.


Symptoms of impending birth
Process of physiological childbirth, in particular presentation four stages of labour
Physiology of childbirth
The emotional and hormonal pathways of labour and birth: typical behaviour of woman during labour based on examples of hospital and home births

Father’s role during labour – how to help a woman during delivery
The childbirth the man’s eyes – how to help, how to touch a woman in labour and do not be afraid

Different ways of carrying your baby, nappy changing, dressing, bath
Transients in the development of a newborn, immunization calendar

Postpartum care
Physiology of the female body
Postpartum emotions ( baby blues, postpartum depression )
Weaning as a natural process
The correctness of the mechanism of lactation and nursing with special emphasis on solving difficult situations
Breastfeeding positioning and attachment- exercises
Formula top up, stopping breastfeeding


Course dates:

18.o6, 24.o9, 17.12

10.oo – 13.3o and 14.oo – 17.oo


mgr Katarzyna Grzybowska
mgr Beata Kołodziejczyk
mgr Urszula Korman
mgr Marta Bzdunek-Szwarc
mgr Martyna Grygiel


Żelazna street  – 69a / 28

Limited number of places!

PRICE  – 600 PLN

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